Tipo Tinto Mozambican Rum

It was about 10 years ago, that I finally managed to get my hands on a bottle of Tipo Tinto Rum. The bottle was smuggled into South Africa by a friend who had been to Ponta d’Ouro on a boys weekend, until then, I had only heard about this magical spirit.

Tipo Tinto is the secret spirit in the infamous, R&R, made famous by the likes of Fernando, a small tourist bar owner, in the border town of Ponta d’Ouro, where R&R is a hugely popular long drink, with South Africans tourists in Mozambique.

Tipo Tinto, the Island Spirit, which has been enjoyed in Mozambique, for over 150 years. is now officially available in South Africa. It’s not a drink. It’s a feeling they say!

R&R Cocktail Recipe: Typically R & R is a 2/3 Sparberry Morango 1/3 Tipo Tinto mix.

R&R, the only way to drink red cold drinks – Holger Meier.

Tipo Tinto Rum

Tipo Tinto Rum 750ml

Tipo Tinto R&R Ready to Drink

Tipo Tinto R & R

La Coco Rhumba + Morango Gold

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