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GYDO is a social media driven app connecting a global audience of users to wineries and breweries all over the world. Imagine if you could buy your friend in Durban a drink for his birthday, while you are California? 

Here is the link to my Podcast with Ryan Williams:

Ryan Williams, a South African, who now lives in Santa Barbara California, likes visiting his local brewpub, which he regularly visits. During one of his visits he noticed a huge blackboard with #buyafriendabeer written on it as well as a long list of friends on the receiving end of a free beer.

It took Ryan more than 6 months that he could build an app to replicate the concept and then his family back home in South Africa, could buy him a beer at his favourite brewery. The Idea of was born, and now two years later the app is available in South Africa.

All wineries and breweries are invited to join.

At DrinksBiz our goal is to help retailers with three things. We help retailers find interesting new products and concepts, we help retailers find ways to make better GP’s and we help retailers create loyal customers. The #buyafriendabeer concept and now the app is a great concept to build community and create loyal customers for your retail outlet.

Go check it out. If you like the idea, feel free to thank me by buying me a beer at my local brewpub, Stumpnose Brewery in Kloof.

This is what a FREE beer looks like!

In this screenshot you can see that Ryan has bought me a free beer at my local brewery, Stumpnose Brewery in Kloof.

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