Gin Advent Calendar

I grew up in a home where Advent, the season before Christmas, was observed and celebrated. As children, my mother had a small homemade Advent calendar for us, consisting of 24 little drawers, filled with little treats for the 24 days of December leading up to Christmas.

In the last few years, I have had many craft gin fanatics ask me for a Gin Advent Calendar, in which the 24 little gifts are replaced by 24 little gins.  I can finally announce that I have found a Gin Advent Calendar. The Sugarbird Gin team has heard your call, Sugarbird & friends will have a number of lucky packets and gin gift sets for the Christmas season.

Rob Heyns, pictured, proudly shows off his latest project, a range of exciting gift boxes.

GIN Advent Calendar available at PnP

4 thoughts on “Gin Advent Calendar

    • Holger says:

      Hi Leigh, I have not seen them yet, but they will be available at selected Pick n Pay stores. Limited quantities. So hurry.

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